Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Natalya's boot and bag workshops

Barbara King is at the point where she needs to confirm numbers for Natalya's boot workshops. Barbara has a lot of information about the workshops and about accomodation if you need somewhere to stay.  Email her for the full email of information.  Deposit due 23 March 2018

The workshop with Natalya has just got even better.
Natalya has developed a new basic template and you will learn how to make changes to it to make boots with laces front or back, zipper, flat or heel height from 5cm to 12 cm so it will be really amazing. It takes it to a whole new level as the original workshop related to flat heels only and lace front style.

The Christchurch boot and bag workshops dates are as follows:
Monday 1 October to Friday 5 October 2018 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (ish) or


Monday 8 October to Friday 12 October 2018 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (ish). 
Please note these are approx times and dependent on progress we may need to stay later.
These will be held at Redwood Primary School Hall, Prestons Road, Christchurch

The Blenheim shoe workshop will be:
Tuesday 16 October to Thursday 18 October 2018 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (ish)
Please note these are approx times and dependent on progress we may need to stay later.
Venue to be confirmed.

The Cromwell boot and bag workshop will be:
Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October 2018 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (ish) (this date may change given Monday 22 is Labour Day to Tuesday to Saturday - this will be confirmed with Bev Muir between the group of participants for Cromwell)
Please note these are approx times and dependent on progress we may need to stay later.
Venue to be confirmed.

Please advise if you wish to share with others and I will try and organise for people to stay in a motel unit together somewhere close. I may also be able to arrange some accommodation with other Christchurch felters but no promises at this point.

I will be sending photos and instructions to show you exactly how to measure your foot so we ensure the shoe last ordered for you will be the correct size. This is very important.
I have sent the wool that has been made into batts to Natalya to try to ensure she is happy with us using it. Once she has confirmed she is happy I will send further information on this, colours etc.

Currently the pricing includes the price of the wool we are intending to use.If the wool choice changes there may be an adjustment to the price, but we are trying to ensure we use NZ wool. The boots and bag need approx 1.5kg of wool. The shoes require approx 400 grams. What is not included in the price is any embellishments you may wish to use on your boots, silk gauze, mulberry silk etc or shoelaces (you can felt shoelaces) as these are personal taste. I am trying to source some coloured viscose fibre, (I do have white) as this is great to use as decoration and Natalya shows you have to do this like a "cloud" to put some colour into your boots/shoes as she prefers to use natural colours in the workshops so the wool colours will probably be white, grey or a light or medium brown (to be finalised).

I have attached a photo of the shoes I did with Natalya last year which shows turquoise and orange viscose on grey wool to show how the viscose works and it is a beautiful fibre to work with. For those of you not familiar with this fibre, it is a cellulose fibre made from wood pulp and is usually called "poor man's silk". I use it on the inside of vests, bags, hats etc as it gives strength and elasticity and has a beautiful sheen. It is a dream to draft if you just wish to decorate with it. Also not included is any bag "hardware" should you wish to do one of the bags which requires hardware. This will be detailed later.

I have over allowed for costings so there are no shocks, so at this point I would expect the workshop costs to drop rather than increase. Please bear this in mind and the fact that the price includes materials, shoe lasts etc. I have negotiated a very special discounted rate with Natalya for these workshops, they would be a lot more expensive than this at her normal tuition rate.

The price of the workshop is currently $675 approx for the Christchurch workshops,$490 for the Blenheim workshop and $620 approx for the Cromwell workshop but once I have confirmed numbers I will approach Creative Fibre again to see if we can get some funding, Christine Marks and Bev Muir are also going to attempt to obtain funding and if we get some funding obviously the price will decrease - fingers crossed. The other thing that may affect the price is the Euro. Once I have paid the travel and student box cost I will make the adjustments to the costings.

As I have to pay Natayla's airfares very shortly I will require a deposit of at least $100 before 23 March 2018 please. Probably around May I will need to pay for the materials which will be coming from Natalya, being the "student box" as these will need to be posted in plenty of time to get the cheapest rate. A further payment of $160 will be due at this time.  Then a further payment due when I order the wool batts and a final payment during September. This is to spread your payments for you. Of course you are welcome to pay more or in full whenever you wish.

To ensure your place please deposit $100 into the following bank account number with your Name as reference

Barbara King
Westpac Bank

The following will be supplied for use at the workshop:

Rivet/Eyelet Machine
Shoe Hammers
Shoe Mallets
Rubel Felting tool (a Russian felting tool but if you have one, please bring) - If you are interested in purchasing one - have a look on Etsy - they are great!. Photo below
Hotplate for the activation of the glue on the soles (but if you are in Christchurch and have a double electric hotplate - please let me know so we can have more than one)
Scales to weigh your batts (once again, if you are in Christchurch and can bring your own, please bring)
Trestle tables
Buckets for your water/ to carry your wet felt for the people not able to bring their own - please let me know if you require one
Paintbrushes to use with the glues and acetone
1 Electric sander and RCD plug - if you are able to bring your own please do
Scales to weigh your batts - if you are able to bring one please do
Some wooden felting tools may be possibly be available for use - photos below

The following is included in your student box:
Shoe last - these can be used for slippers,boots and shoes post workshop and are very good ones
Innersoles - these are texon board with strengthening for your shoes (shoemaking innersoles)
Leather for heelbox covering
Eyelets - 40
Waxed Thread
Nylon Thread
Awl hook

The following is included in the price of the workshop (these are separate to the student box):
Wool batts
Gauze for strengthening
Glue for Innersoles and Heelbox
Acetone for Heelbox
Glue for Soles

Natalya is a great teacher, patient, easy to understand and shares her techniques and knowledge freely with you.

Contact Barbara for more information and a list of the things you will need to bring to the workshops.

Happy felting ladies!
021 2900 283 or 03 329 8283 evenings or Barbara King <>

Friday, December 8, 2017

Dates for felting days 2018

We have booked the hall for our felting days 2018 so put them in your calendars now.

Saturday 3rd February
Saturday 3rd March
Saturday 7th April
Saturday 5th May
Saturday 9th June
Saturday 7th July
Saturday 4th August
Saturday 8th September
Saturday 6th October (World wide Felt United Day)
Saturday 3rd November
Saturday 8th December

Usual place, Halswell Hall
9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Lynn Evans's felt house made at last year's Glenroy retreat

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A few photos from our Glenroy Felting Retreat Nov 2nd to Nov 5th 2017

A visit to the local second hand shop - which was very glad to see us

Lynn Evans's lovely work
The busy hall at Glenroy

After dinner entertainment

One of Millie Haussmann's special personas

Anna Harris's scarves

Lynette Hartley's tassled bag

Gwenneth Loomes sheep hat

A sample of the work created - sad the weekend is over

Felting day this Saturday 11 Nov 2017

Quick reminder - we have a felting day this Saturday.  We have nothing in particular planned.  I hope everyone who attended Barbara's vest workshop last time brings along their results so we can admire them.  Usual time and place (see the bar to the right of the blogsite). All welcome, bring your lunch, $10 for the hall and cash if you want to purchase any wool or other goodies.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Felting day and vest course

I hear October's felting day was a great success and Barbara's vest making course was well attended.
Barbaras vest class underway
Notice the back of Barbara's vest 

Other people go on with their own work - Peter

And Victoria

Monday, October 2, 2017

Don't forget - Felting this Saturday

Saturday 7th October  All welcome.  Bring your lunch, $10 hall charge and cash if you want to be tempted by any of Anna's lovely wools.  Barbara is running a vest class but everyone else will be working on their own felting as normal.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Next felting day - vest making - Saturday October 7th

Southern Felters is offering a vest-making workshop at our next felting day Saturday October 7th. You can come along to the fleting day and do your own thing as usual or participate in Barbara's workshop    Barbara King is going to tutor a basic short seamless vest which will be one layer of viscose and two layers of merino or merino and silk. You must have previous felting experience please and preferably have worked with a resist. Numbers will be limited.

It is essential that you contact Barbara AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to register on 021 2900 283 or  You will not be able to participate if you do not contact Barbara beforehand. Ask Barbara to send you information and a list of the materials you will need.

Cost: There will be a $3 charge for the template, $5 for tuition, $7 for the Viscose, $10 hall charge as normal - Total $25 plus the cost of your wool.